Joanne LawrenceWelcome to Cocoon Therapy

Cocoon Therapy is a health and well-being practice that I created to help improve peoples’ lives.  I offer hypnotherapy and counselling  to deal with a range of issues (see ‘Need help with?’ section) and charge a range of fees.

For over twelve years I have seen the benefits of hypnotherapy and its power to change the way a person thinks. At Cocoon Therapy I specialise in boosting self-confidence, reducing stress and anxiety and I teach people to relax properly using a range of techniques including meditation, mindfulness and deep-breathing to improve psychological health and well-being.

I also offer counselling. By sharing your thoughts sometimes it is possible to clarify them and sort out the areas in which you may have got into a muddle. Originally trained in psychodynamic counselling skills I use an approach which brings a number of psychotherapeutic techniques together (an integrated approach) and, as everybody is unique, this allows for the best approach for the individual to be used.

So much of what we achieve in our lives can be brought back to self-confidence. Time and again I have seen people struggling because they cannot seem to find this one essential requirement within themselves and the stress and anxiety caused by it can be totally debilitating.

I can provide you with the opportunity to talk about your concerns in a non-judgemental way, in a totally confidential environment and I can help you consider ways forward.

Based near Chelmsford I work throughout Essex and you can choose to visit me at my premises or I can come to you.  

I am a fully qualified, registered and insured hypnotherapist (MHS, Dip Hyp CS, GHR, GHSC, CNHS), and an ITEC qualified massage therapist. I also have a WPF/CCF Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills which I gained on a BACP accredited course. I have a BA Hons and a PGCE.

If you have any further questions please feel free to check out the Frequently asked questions page and give me a call to discuss how I may help you.

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Qualifications: Diploma in Hypnotherapy (MHS, Dip Hyp CS), WPF Dip Psych CS, ITEC Dip in Massage, BA Hons, PGCE, TESOL